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Two Place at Research Forum

NEWARK, OH, April 20, 2018 — Two Newark campus students ranked in the top tier of their respective categories at the 2018 Richard J. and Martha D. Denman Undergraduate Research Forum at The Ohio State University. Senior psychology students Ted Oyler and Chuck Cayton were among 791 students selected to exhibit their work on April 3, 2018, at the Ohio Union in Columbus.
Oyler placed second in the Language in the Mind category for “Language Induced Attention Optimization in Children and Adults.” He presented eye-tracking research that examines how exposure to speech affects visual attention in children and adults.

Cayton received third place in the Social Psychology category for “Risk Taking as a Function of Delusion Proneness.” Presenting at the Denman Forum was a culmination of nearly a year’s worth of data collection, analysis and reporting. This was his fourth and final presentation.

Despite being at one of the largest undergraduate research forums in the country, he was at ease during the event.

“Because there are so many people, you don’t expect to win anything,” said Cayton. “When I went to the awards dinner, seeing everybody that was over there and hearing all the stuff they were presenting, I was like, ‘Wow.’ You feel like you’re in the big leagues. You’re being recognized for all your accomplishments amongst not just 20, but 800.”

The extensive opportunities to research and work one-on-one with professors is an advantage of Ohio State Newark, Cayton said. He is a research assistant to Associate Professor Melissa Buelow, Ph.D., and a co-author on a paper that is under editor review. His greatest regret is that he waited until his senior year to pursue his own research.

“It’s one thing to learn in the classroom, but it’s something completely different to be able to apply it, and that’s where you really get your educational experience, I think. You see it come full circle,” he said.

Additional Ohio State Newark students who presented at the Denman Research Forum include psychology students Tom Crook, Andrew Hawthorn and Meisha Runyon.

The Denman Undergraduate Research Forum is coordinated by the Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Inquiry and generously supported by Mr. and Mrs. Denman, the Office of Research at Ohio State, the Office of Undergraduate Education at Ohio State, as well as corporate and private donors. The Denman Undergraduate Research Forum provides an opportunity for undergraduate students to showcase their research, scholarship and creative activities to the Ohio State community and beyond.

Photograph: Chuck Cayton (right) presents at the 2018 Student Research Forum at Ohio State Newark.

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