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Weyrauch to Present Bobcat Research in Coshocton

People living in and near Coshocton will have the opportunity to learn more about their wild neighbors. The Ohio State University at Newark Senior Lecturer of Biology Shauna Weyrauch is giving a presentation about a research project she has been conducting in the area. Weyrauch will talk about “Project Wild Coshocton” at the Johnson-Humrickhouse in Coshocton on Monday, July 25 at 7 p.m. The goal of Weyrauch’s research is to find out whether bobcat populations are increasing or decreasing in that region of Ohio. She plans to gather data for several years.

Weyrauch said Coshocton County is the perfect place to conduct her research because state data shows that there has been an increase recently in bobcat sightings throughout the southeast part of the state. Coshocton County is on the leading edge of the area where the increased sightings have been reported.

“Bobcats were once found throughout the state but were extirpated by the mid-1800s due to habitat loss and over-hunting,” said Weyrauch. “The bobcat was one of the first species listed as endangered in Ohio in 1974. By 2012, sightings of bobcats had increased to the point that the species was re-classified from ‘endangered’ to ‘threatened.’ In 2014, it was removed from the ‘threatened’ list in Ohio, although it is still protected against hunting and trapping.

Weyrauch’s research involves using digital cameras with motion sensors to document presence or absence of bobcats as well as population trends. Beginning in the summer of 2015, and continuing through the spring and summer of 2016, Weyrauch and her undergraduate student assistant Jacob Brower set up cameras at over 40 sites in Coshocton County. During the presentation, Weyrauch plans to show some of the more than 100,000 photographs that have been taken over the past year. To learn more about the presentation visit: h...

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