A student presents her research poster to an audience.

Psychology student research

Student research

Newark Psychology students regularly present research at local, regional and national conferences. Some presentations are the result of assisting professors with their research while others are the result of a student conducting an independent research project.

Psychology Lab

Research is conducted in Newark Campus West A1100. Most of the studies you are encouraged to participate in as Psychology 1100 students will take place here. Other research is conducted outside of the lab - in natural settings, in the field, online, or even as take-home surveys.

The Psychology Lab is also available for upper-level Psychology students to use for quiet study space and for resources such as the APA manual and GRE practice tests. The lab is typically open Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (hours vary each semester).

Peer research contacts

Peer research contacts are undergraduate students who are already involved in research in Psychology and are willing to share their experiences via email correspondence. The list below includes research area and lab. Please note that many students' work is interdisciplinary; if you are interested in Social Psychological research, for example, there may be useful contacts in Cognitive or Developmental Psychology.


Graduation date

Research area

Faculty lab

Autumn 2023

Health psychology

Dr. Kowalsky

Spring 2024

Social psychology and clinical neuropsychology

Drs. Buelow and Okdie

Spring 2024

Cognitive development and clinical neuropsychology

Drs. Hupp, Jungers and Buelow

Spring 2024

Health psychology

Dr. Kowalsky

Research assistants

Research positions for course credit

Psy 4998 credit

  • Work as a research assistant in a lab
  • Three hours/week for each credit
  • Three credits apply to major

Thesis project

  • Work on a study your professor designed or design your own study
  • Do not need to be in the Honors program
  • Two semesters of Psy 4999
  • Best to start spring of junior year
  • Three credits apply to major
  • Minimum overall 3.0 GPA required

Paid research positions

Work-Study: Paid research assistant position through federal student aid program

Psych department employee: Paid research assistant position through Ohio State Newark

Additional Benefits

  • Better understanding of how research is done
  • Investigate area of personal interest
  • Learn the value of criticism and critiques
  • Learn how much you enjoy doing research!

Reasons to become a research assistant

1 Professional development

  • Graduate school preparation
  • Gain experience outside the classroom
  • Work with professionals in psychology
  • Demonstrate leadership and responsibility

2 Relationship with professor

  • Access to insight and experience
  • Letters of reference for graduate school and job market

3 Enhance your resume or vita

  • Eligibility for grants, awards and scholarships
  •  Opportunities to present research at conferences
  • Potential authorship on research articles

How to become a research assistant

Contact a professor working in an area that interests you: