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Ohio State Newark’s Dorian Harrison Named NCTE Early Career Educator of Color Leader

August 10, 2021

Presented by The National Council for Teachers of English (NCTE), the annual Early Career Educator of Color (EC-EOC) Leadership Award seeks to support early career teachers of color as they build accomplished teaching careers in literacy education. The Ohio State University at Newark Assistant Professor of Language and Literacy Dorian Harrison is a 2021 recipient of the NCTE’s award.

“I am so honored by NCTE’s acknowledgment of my accomplishments in the field so far. I am also humbled by being the first Ohio State faculty member to receive this award, and I look forward to representing the university over the next two years,” said Harrison.

Receiving the EC-EOC Leadership Award includes:
• Programmatic incentives: (1) two years of support from a mentor in year one who can help the scholarship recipient plan his or her institute experience and to use NCTE resources to enhance professional growth; (2) in year two, the opportunity to present or co-present at the NCTE Annual Convention; (3) an opportunity to collaborate with NCTE leaders; (4) a plaque to recognize the recipient’s participation.

• Financial prize: round-trip airfare, hotel and meals for the summer EC-EOC Institute in year one and round-trip airfare, complimentary registration at the NCTE Annual Convention, three nights’ lodging expenses, and a $50 per diem for three days at the NCTE Annual Convention in year two. Note: The EC-EOC Institute will be held in mid- to late-July 2021 and the 2022 NCTE Annual Convention is in Anaheim, California.

“The network I join has a wealth of experience and the support mechanisms to help me to navigate and pilot new and innovative literacy work,” said Harrsion. “The knowledge shared over the course of two years has immeasurable benefits for my learning and development as well as benefiting my classroom instruction.”

Harrison will use the opportunities afforded by her participation in the two-year leadership institute to help her create college classrooms where her students feel safe to ask questions, think critically about curriculum, and learn to become stronger literacy professionals to ensure that when they are teaching in classrooms, they create amazing literacy opportunities to improve literacy scores.

She decided to become a university professor after having success as a K-12 teacher. Her literacy teaching practices used authentic texts and experiences to enable her students to participate in social and cultural activities in the world. Harrison realized that she wanted to influence the next generation of literacy and language teachers so that they can have the success in K-12 education that she experienced. She earned her PhD in curriculum and instruction at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and then began teaching at Ohio State Newark in August 2019.

“Working here affords me the opportunity to learn from my students’ experiences in K-12 schools and gain new cultural knowledge about students and families in Ohio. This form of cultural exchange is exciting for me as a teacher-educator as well as a researcher,” said Harrison. “I look forward to continued opportunities to engage with my colleagues and grow as a faculty member here in Newark.”

Learn more about the NCTE’s EC-EOC Leadership Award here.

Caption: Assistant Professor Dorian Harrison poses for a headshot.

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